Hi, my name is Karlijn and I'm 17 years young.

Nerdfighter. Star Trek. Nikita. Sherlock. Welcome to Nightvale. NCIS. Hannibal. Castle. Agents of Shield. Arrow. Game of Thrones. Starkid. Glee. The Hungergames. Harry Potter. Avatar. The Legend of Korra. House. Percy Jackson. Once Upon A Time.

And the key for my askbox is under the doormat, so let yourself in.
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"I met one of the locals and got to have a job at this restaurant. Talk about a cool bar story, like yes I’ll take a job playing in the middle of the Italian countryside."

"I was always fully prepared to be a struggling actor for a while and play a cop or a pizza boy, but the fact that all this has happened at a very young age is just really extraordinary".

always struck the right pose

how I keep my cool (x)


Do you ever once in a while just to amuse yourself go on tumblr and look up your name?


Darren Criss (3/)

Darren’s impression of Ryan Murphy x