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Ziva David: Was no secret he was writing about us.
Tony DiNozzo: Oh, come on, it’s not about us. I mean, the whole part about Lisa and her broken heart?
Ziva David: And the memento she keeps from a relationship that never had a chance to happen?
Tony DiNozzo: Yeah. Where’s he gettin’ that? Or the scene between Lisa and Tommy, where they, pour out their hearts to each other and spill their secrets?
Ziva David: [chuckles] When he tries to explain the profound nature of his identity crisis?
Tony DiNozzo: Yeah, I mean, the hidden struggle between who he is and what he’s becoming? I don’t even know what that is.
Ziva David: Yeah, totally unrealistic.
Tony DiNozzo: Would never happen.
[both suddenly look awkward]


I don’t care if they cast an entire army of women to NCIS - it will never replace Ziva of justify how badly they screwed over her character.


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Favorite TV Characters

Ziva David - NCIS





season 11 wishlist

  • Tony calls Ziva his “work wife”
  • and then has to explain the phrase to her

i think it would be my breaking point

i think i wouldn’t recover

season 12 wishlist

  • Tony calls Ziva

Wish list: Tony acknowledges that a Ziva existed and was part of his life for 8 years.

Today’s new friend is tomorrow’s family.


"Did you really think that my driving was that terrible?"

I love NCIS but I really dislike Mike Franks now I mean why do we have to bring him up again and again and again  

he bedankt tvgids.nl en onze geweldige kpn tv voor het vertellen dat NCIS seizoen acht nu wordt uitgezonden terwijl er dus nieuwe afleveringen op zijn en ik nu al 3 afleveringen heb gemist bedankt dat waardeer ik heel erg


Tony: Ex-wife number one, Diane. Satan’s spawn, first sign of the apocalypse. You’ve met her. Tim slept with her.
McGee: Emphasis on “slept.” Then there’s Stephanie, ex number three.
(Tony purrs)
McGee: She matches Diane in personality and charm.
Bishop: What about ex-wife number two?
McGee: Total mystery. Don’t even have a name.
Tony: Sort of a Gibbsian Bermuda Triangle.